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This is a site giving some basic information about the Galgut Family.

The Family originated in a small village in Lithuania called Luknick, near Telsai. This village was destroyed after by the communists and changed into a collective farm. It therefore no longer exists, and all remnants of the former community have been destroyed.

Prior to the first world war, members of the family started to emigrate, mainly to South Africa, and today members of the family are spread far and wide, with members in South Africa, U.S.A, Israel, Australia, and the UK.

This site has been built by Peter Galgut. If you are a member of the Galgut family, and you would like to contribute to this site, please send me an email and I'd love to be able to help.

I was born in Pretoria South Africa, and emigrated to the UK in 1972. I have lived in London ever since that time.


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